Restaurants, large commercial facilities, etc.
We manage the safety of the water area.

If left unchecked, drainage facilities can cause odors. We clean and maintain grease traps and underground sewage pits, and clean drainage pipes. We clean and manage them so that the facilities can function at their best.

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Grease trap

Reliable cleaning Maintain clean water quality.

A grease trap is a device that separates grease and leftover food drained from a cooking area to prevent grease from leaking into the sewer system. Commercial kitchens are required to install them. The food scraps and grease that accumulate at the bottom are collected using a vacuum to collect the sludge.

Underground tanks and drains

We help maintain a comfortable environment through maintenance.

We maintain miscellaneous drainage tanks, sewage tanks, and combined tanks in the basements of our buildings. We clean them regularly to prevent odors and pest infestations. We clean them carefully using vacuum cars to avoid problems with clogged drains.