Maximizing Resource Value" is the theme.
New challenges one after another.

Our theme is "Maximize Resource Value."
We are working on a variety of initiatives to maximize the use of management resources with new ideas.

Proper disposal
Resource recycling

Collected waste is recycled as RPF fuel.
Contributes to CO₂ reduction and cost reduction

As a company that contributes to the prevention of global warming, we are also working to recycle waste as a resource. At Tobishima Green Campus, we recycle part of our business waste into RPF fuel, which can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels. With low CO₂ emissions, we are able to reduce costs for our customers.

For customers
"The Last Mile" and make them smile.

Even with the advancement of IT, the last thing we need is "people.
We value the last mile for our customers.

No matter how much time has passed, the quality of service is based on people. The basic principle will not change. From sales staff to drivers, each and every one of us is a member of the service industry. In the "rice one mile" where we are directly involved with our customers, we try to be polite and friendly.

Through CSR
Responding to the Needs of Society

We also focus on reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the local community.

We actively promote CSR initiatives and present the results of these initiatives in our CSR report. We also conduct activities such as community cleanups and company tours in order to be of service to society.

International Standard for Traffic Safety
ISO39001 certification

The Road Traffic Safety Management System
Reduce Traffic Accidents and Workplace Accidents

We aim to eradicate traffic and industrial accidents. To raise safety awareness, we hold safety conventions, safety training, and other education programs. We have obtained ISO 39001 certification for our road traffic safety management system.

Satisfy customers with DX

Compatible with GPS dispatch systems and electronic manifests.
Collecting information without wasting time by digitization

The company has established an efficient system using electronic technology and GPS dispatch system for on-time management. We can respond flexibly. Waste management with electronic manifest.

Education and work style reform
to create a vibrant organization

Everyone can work with satisfaction and peace of mind.
Motivate employees to further innovation.

We want our employees to be able to work in a challenging and rewarding environment that fits their lifestyles. We have created an environment that includes maternity leave, shorter working hours, nursing care and volunteer leave.