CEOSatoichi Kimura木村 諭意智

Assume Nothing, Question everything.

In 2021, we have taken the next step forward by formulating a new management philosophy and logo. We are committed to renewing our corporate identity and growing into an organization that can give back to society to the fullest extent of our potential. While carefully protecting the achievements and trust we have built up over the past half century, we will create a "new normal" with unprecedented ideas and challenges. Please look forward to seeing how the entire company will work together to take Daisyo Kogyo to the next stage.

Management Principles


We are a company that brings "Environmental Infrastructure" to people's lives through our work. We are filled with the potential to greatly evolve "Infrastructure".
We will continue to create the next "natural thing" with new ideas and challenges for the betterment of people's lives and for a sustainable society.

Code of Conduct

Three principles for making the ordinary new



Age, personality, and way of thinking. Let's accept each other's individuality and grow together.



Don't be bound by common sense and find new possibilities in ordinary work.



The joy of growth is what makes life rich. Let's challenge ourselves to be new.

Thoughts behind the logo

A track record of achievement and trust built up over a long history. The importance of our role in supporting infrastructure. Our work is directly related to the future of the earth. The logo design is a combination of these infinite resources and possibilities and the "Dai" of Daisyo Kogyo. The motif of a person running out expresses a lively and shining dynamism. The blue color represents solidity and sincerity. Orange represents ideas. The logo design expresses the company's attitude of carving out a new path with new ideas while valuing unshakable trust.