What We Can Do

We support the SDGs and actively promote CSR activities.

We have been an industry pioneer in promoting CSR initiatives, and we also support the SDGs, aiming to create a society where everyone can continue to live with peace of mind. The results of our efforts are published in our CSR Report. All employees are working together to achieve these goals.

Three Key Points of CSR

As the three pillars of CSR, we are actively working on "eliminating traffic accidents and industrial accidents," "maximizing the value of resources," and "preserving the water environment and water circulation.

  • 01 Reduction of traffic accidents and industrial accidents
  • 02 Maximizing the value of resources
  • 03 Water Environment Conservation and Water Cycle

Main Initiatives

  • Reduction of traffic accidents and industrial accidents

    Strengthened safety training and management system.
    Obtained ISO 39001 certification for road traffic safety.

    Traffic accidents have a great deal to lose. We engage in safety training with all employees to raise safety awareness. We are working on alcohol checkers and heat stroke prevention. We have acquired ISO 39001 certification for our road traffic safety management system.

  • Maximizing the value of resources

    We also contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society with RPF fuel.

    We properly collect general and industrial waste in accordance with the law. We can provide flexible services in terms of the type and size of waste we can collect and the frequency of collection.By recycling waste into RPF fuel, we help reduce CO₂ emissions.

  • Water Environment Conservation and Water Cycle

    Proper management of septic tanks and drainage facilities.

    We are a licensed septic tank maintenance and inspection business. We have many years of experience in management. Our professional staff with the right knowledge and skills will contribute to maintaining a comfortable living and business environment for our customers.

  • Contribution to Society

    We will never forget our gratitude to the community.
    Cooperation in community cleanups and company tours.

    All vehicles are equipped with first-aid kits so that all drivers can quickly assist in saving lives in the event of an accident. We also conduct community cleanup activities, watch over school children, and conduct company tours for elementary school students.

  • Work style reform

    We support our employees so that they can continue to work according to their lifestyles.

    Leave for childcare is available so that women can have and raise children. Shorter working hours are also available. Leave for nursing care is also available. An objective evaluation system utilizing a third-party organization has been introduced. We help make the workplace a rewarding place to work.

CSR Report

The latest CSR report is available for download. Please take a look at the introduction of our initiatives.

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