PCB waste must be disposed of by the deadline set by law!
After the deadline, it cannot be disposed of.

Do you have old capacitors, transformers, bushings, or other electrical equipment that was manufactured decades ago? They may contain a chemical called PCB. These are required by law to be disposed of by the deadline. We can handle everything from investigation to dealing with the government.

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    From investigation to disposal

    We can handle all administrative procedures, collection, and disposal.

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    Consult us for large equipment.

    We can provide a wide range of services because we have received administrative approval for PCB disposal.

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    Waste Management professionals

    Our professionals, who have dealt with a variety of industrial wastes, will respond quickly.

What is a PCB?

Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) products need to be disposed of by the period.

PCB (polychlorinated biphenyl) is a chemical substance that was used as insulating oil in electrical equipment until the 1960s. PCB waste includes transformers, capacitors, bushings, insulating oil, and the drums that contain them. We recommend that you dispose of them as soon as possible.

Disposal Flow

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    STEP 1

    Contact us

    Please call us from here.

    Reception hours/9:00~17:00

  • 02

    STEP 2

    Preliminary Estimate

    First of all, we will ask you about the items and quantity, and give you a rough estimate.

  • 03

    STEP 3

    PCB survey and analysis

    Sampling PCBs from the object. We will run the samples through an analyzer to determine the concentration of PCBs and propose a treatment method.

  • 04

    STEP 4

    Submission of formal quotation and contract

    Once the processing method is decided, we will submit a formal quotation. A contract will then be made.

  • 05

    STEP 5


    Equipment is removed with careful attention to detail.Experienced workers will transport the equipment to the disposal site.

  • 06

    STEP 6


    We dispose of the waste safely at a disposal site certified by the government, and make submissions to the government.